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Hello everyone!

Well, I've returned to DA after being off for about 9 or more months. Yuck. But this journal is going to clarify so much so it would be an important read to those who are still here for me.
I see there's a whole lot of ugly on this page! Ew! What happened dA? I though Deviantart was a community where artists come together...well, that's what it was when I joined 4 years ago. Now its home to trolls and people who hate. Well, Haters gonna hate I guess!

I've been weeding through my page and I've gotten several comments about practically everything. Before I go into detail and begin this journal, I have something to say:

My life away from Deviantart is so much better. The website I used to cling to and live off of has now become a distant memory to me. It's not what it used to be and finally letting go of it has given me a feeling unlike no other. Personally, I've lost all interest here on DA and I think it's time I leave for good. I'm still debating on wether I should deactivate my account, or leave it up just in case I do want to return (which is highly unlikely.). The damage has been done, and although I keep planning this massive comeback, I decided it wasn't worth it do revive myself here. "OH WAIT? Moony, does this mean you're letting the trollers win? Don't leave!" Nope. Has nothing to do with trollers and what not. I've just gained enough common sense to realize that I shouldn't keep up with something I've dropped ages ago.

I love all of you who have supported me, and I don't know how to thank every single one of you. You all are amazing, and yes, I'm even speaking to the haters as well. If it wasn't for both the love and the hate, I wouldn't have gotten to be who I am as an artist today. I have such an appreciation for each of my followers and fans, and I can't even begin to describe how much I care for each and every one. Through the good and the bad, I know that my watchers are here. Thank you guys. The only reason I returned here and wrote this was for just you guys. I can't just pack up and leave before letting you know where my life is taking me now.

Okay, onto the important stuff. :)

I've found myself caught behind on some artwork, yes. I'm hoping some of you will understand why though. I won't go into too much detail about it, but I'll just give a brief overview of what's been going on these past couple of months. Close people passing away, crazy senior year, college hunting, theatre involvement, and me, CONSTANTLY getting sick. It's been getting worse guys. I've gotten bronchitis four times this year, and several other health yuckies. I haven't had the energy to do things and that's been an issue when it came to keeping up with school and art at the same time. Life is full of hardships that you have to overcome, currently I'm in one of those positions. It's been such a hard year you guys! Phew, crazy crazy stuff. I'm ready to pick myself up and finish what I've started. I've got my e-mail where I manage my owed work and I'm steadily getting some art out to you guys.

Okay, I bet many of you are wondering what's going on with Twilight Spirits? LOTS of stuff. I haven't been able to dedicate too much time to it though because I've got so many important things that have to be done before I can concentrate on my own projects. It's been pretty on and off. But I have no intentions to drop it. I've planned to publish some pages online in 2012 and hopefully have it available to buy at the end of the year...fingers crossed. I used to be so infatuated with this comic but I have come to realize that work comes before play! As much as I would love to focus entirely on it, a little thing called life threw itself all over my free time. So I kind of waved goodbye to my personal wants and placed my necessities in front of me. But it's going to be great guys, I promise. I know you want proof and stuff that it's still up but only my friends through FB have seen. And so this leads onto another topic.

I know how lots of you want to keep up with my work and my activity, but it's gotten way to personal and lots of people have been trying to pry into my own personal life. I've received e-mails of people trying to request my passwords to my accounts all over the web and I've gotten hundreds of friend requests on Facebook. I'll clarify this, PLEASE do not request me on Facebook. I know how some of you have exposed my name on my DA page and that was when I got bombarded with the requests. I appreciate those of you who want to keep up with my work and try to stay in contact, but my Facebook is one of the only accounts I have that I am surrounded by my real friends and family, and I would much rather keep it that way. There are a handful of people from DA that are my friends there, but I formally knew them from DA for some time, and that was the exception. Please respect my privacy and space, it's one of the only accounts I have that I can fully enjoy my peace and privacy. It's a tad scary seeing how many people are trying to pry into my personal life. Hope you understand! Also, I'm going to add this in. I do NOT have any other accounts on DA. No matter what anyone says, I do NOT. Plus I would most definitely not have a username based around 'blueshinewolf' if I did, that would be dumb. Seriously.

What else...oh. What have I been doing art wise while I was gone. I've been working on a few personal works, and I have been away from the computer and working in my sketchbooks. I have about 9 sketchbooks I'm working my way through and I am moving away from the wolves...progressively. I've been drawing a variety of things, And I know I can do so! I have been working on all kinds of things. It'll probably go up on my art website and stuff someday. Seriously I have developed such a passion for working with traditional media, such as copics and pencils and all that. I LOVE it all. Art is my main focus. And seeing as to a few comments on my page ask about this, I'll just say this right now. I DO NOT copy my work. Everything I do is from scratch. I can't even look back on my DA though, that artwork is pretty much old stuff and I'd much rather focus on what I have presently. Not going to lie, a few of old old OLD works were referenced off of wolf photos but from the past year or more, I dropped the direct reference. It was probably longer than that even...oh well. That's not so bad, come on, everyone referenced at some point. Just clarifying. But anyway, when I go off to college next year, I'm planning on studying graphic art and design. Also next year I'm going to apply for Disney's college program so I'll be working in the parks while attending college. That's what I'm currently working out, hopefully it'll all work out the way I'm planning it all. Boop. I'm ALWAYS making sure I have my requirements and junk done for school and organized and all that. Busy busy busy life blaah. On top of that, I've got the lead role in my school play, and that has sucked up all of my extra time. It goes on in March and I've got a lot of work to do on my part. Plus the fact I've got a lot of paperwork due by the new year, it's so crazy! Now I seem to be going on and on about all kinds of things...sorry guys. xD

Well, I believe I covered as much as I could in this journal. I don't know when I'll update here again, or if I even will again. If I DO decide on deactivating my account, then I'll make a journal about that.

I love you guys, thanks for reading, and I probably left SO much out and didn't explain some things very well (I'm not to well with words, you see), so yep. Thank you all for everything you've done, the advice you've left me, the support, and more. The good, the bad, the ugly, I've tolerated all of it and have taken it in and hopefully have grown stronger as an artist...I couldn't be more thankful! If you do want to keep up with my work still, check out my two websites- and
I can guarantee I'll try and put my recent works up there when I can. Don't know if I will any time soon though!

Well, that's all. Thank you for reading, best wishes to all of you, and may you all have a blessed Holiday with your family and friends!

God bless!
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